With more than 30 years of experience in FMCG in Turkey, Russia and CIS countries, Tuğrul Ağırbaş has been leading growth-oriented projects for the last 20 years as part of the team that carried out Efes' global branding, merger and acquisition projects and new market entries. During his tenure as General Manager of Efes Turkey, Mr. Ağırbaş has pioneered numerous projects in the areas of beer culture, innovation, culture, arts, tourism and sports in order to grow the brand and the organization's contribution to society, to expand the market, and to realize strategies that contribute to all stakeholders. In order to increase both the speed and impact of innovation and new products, Efes has pioneered efforts to make Efes a start-up-friendly company by structuring innovation and intrapreneurship activities and establishing cooperation with numerous start-ups in the ecosystem. Today, he continues to work especially with initiatives that create Social Impact and continues his efforts to create value in the startup ecosystem as an angel investor and mentor. Throughout his corporate life, he started every business with an entrepreneurial mindset and took responsibility by managing it as his own business. Saying goodbye to corporate life as of January 2022, Mr. Ağırbaş continues to work as a consultant and mentor to domestic and international companies as well as startups. As of 2022, he is the chairman of the 'Entrepreneurial Institutions Platform' established with the vision of transforming corporate companies into entrepreneurial institutions in Turkey. Genwise will be included in his CV as one of the most important and beloved jobs he has ever set out to do the one in which he will pour out all his experience and passion.