Gökçe Zeynep



5 years of market research Piar Gallup, SİAR research coordinator, 25 years as a partner in Şensezgin Kurmuş consulting company, 8 years in NGO, PWN Istanbul founder and board of directors, KODA board of directors, Üsküdar American alumni association board of directors. I wrote my life mission twenty years ago: "deliver results that add value". I have been in the production business with the best methods for years. I have packaged thousands of projects, jobs, ideas, clubs. Some of them worked very well, some of them disappeared. I believe that people and organizations have great potential to produce "benefit"... when combined with the right method, approach and people... That is why I am always looking for the right method, approach and people, I am always learning, there is no end to learning. This is how my childhood, youth, adulthood, middle age passed and my old age will always be spent with these productions. Whenever I see an opportunity, I take the initiative: "I said that people can be seen on the court, so I took up basketball for 15 years. I thought this school could be managed in a different way, so I joined the student union for 7 years. I thought the university could instill a different kind of learning and research, so I went to university in the U.S. I thought America should be a superpower in another way, so I took up Russian. I took up organizational development and training with Ali Emre. I founded Şensezgin Kurmuş Consultancy with Emel Şensezgin, saying that this business could be done in another way. I asked where are the women in corporate life and founded the PWN Istanbul Chapter with Demet Çaldağ. I said that another kind of education in the village was possible with Mine Ekinci and supported KODA. Now I say the journey is not over yet and I am starting Genwise with another Genwise Tuğrul Ağırbaş.